Sustainable Construction Policy

As we are at the forefront of the landscaping industry we have adopted many different approaches to our construction projects, making us a unique landscaping business.  

  • We have a no skip approach to our builds. All waste is recycled under our control with a carefully researched recycling procedure.
  • No soil is removed from site. We manage our soil for re use with our specialist equipment and comprehensive experience
  • By using only local and UK sourced materials we reduce our impact upon the worlds resources and the international transportation industry, which creates pollution throughout the world.  
  • All our timber must be sourced through regulated and well managed woodland, felled by reputable, well trained arboriculturists
  • We will only source timber from accredited sources that we have vetted for their commitment to supply timber felled correctly, sustainably, legally and grown in the uk
  • All our new and recycled materials will be resourced thoroughtly to ensure they come from UK suppliers and have been sourced with coinsideration to the local environment they were found in

This policy will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure exactness and integrity