Summer Meadow

Size of project – 876 sqm

Build time – 11 months

Project Value – £248,000


Here the whole house was being refurbished and extended. The front garden area had been used as materials storage, car park, and waste removal by the builders. The rear garden had been left and was in a state of overgrown and boggy.

Design and Build

We were asked to price for all of the hard and soft landscaping works by the garden designer Rebecca Smith.

Client wanted a large area for entertaining, both around the pool and in shadier areas by the rear and front of the house, creating different locations for different types of entertaining subject to the weather or time of day/night. A large open lawn was required for their children. The house is set well back from the main access so a long drive was specified, which had to negotiate the tight space left after the installation of the tennis court.

Special Requirements

Whilst access to the project was great the soil conditions were not. Heavy compacting from builders vehicle movements had left the ground in poor health. As part of our work we brought in specialist machinery to help[ break up the soil into a fertile, plantable state. In the rear garden soil scaping was required to deal with water, land drains installed to tie into the existing system were also put into place to direct surface water from the patio and sub soil water from the sloped turf area away from these boggy locations. Again machinery used to break up the soil to increase drainage and its fertility were used.

The biggest problem to overcome was the setting out of the paving. The swimming pool was an existing pool, installed out of square to the property. As we were laying a staggered, random bond in new yorkstone, careful setting was required to ensure the paving sat well around the twisted swimming pool. Also paving had to be trimmed in its width to ensure the laying pattern tied in to the corners of the house. The final cuts and width reductions cannot be immediately noticed. The final effect creates the illusion that the swimming pool is now square and installed with the paving sizes in mind.

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