Quarry House

Size of project – 478 sqm

Build time – 3 months

Project Value – £65,350


The clients brief to the designer, Cherry Mills, was to expand their existing patio area so that it could seat more people.  Create seating areas or rooms within the garden through the levsl changes to give interest to the garden as a whole and lead you on a journey from one room to the next.  A rain water harvesting tank was also requested to run the various taps to be located around the garden.

Design and Build

The build of this garden required the clearance of the existing and cutting into the existing garden so that more space could be made.  As the patio sloped away from the house but was also cutting into the sloped garden, beds had to be introduced along the walls so that surface water could drain.  As this was such a large paved area the introduction of herringbone brickwork was installed at all access points from the property, which led up to steps, taking you on a journey to the rooms of the garden.  Level changes within a garden are relatively simple to deal with.  Setting out required a central point where the water feature is now located.  From here the curved retaining wall was set out and the angles of the walls confirmed.  The ground was chalk and flint so a straight forward dig to do with a digger.


The materials we used on this project were Kotah brown from Silverland Stone.  Pavers were supplied by Chelmer Valley.  LWS supplied all the irrigation and London Lawn Turf supplied the Rolawn medallion tyrf.

Special requirements

The most difficult aspect of this job was accessing the work at the rear when no work was being undertaken at the front or sides.  The front drive had to be cleared to its sub base, with the gravel retained so that it could be reinstalled following completion.  All paved and soft areas were boarded to prevent vehicular and plant damage.

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