Private Residence Surrey

Size of project – 1265 sqm

Build time – 13 months

Project Value – £345,000



Our clients brief was very specific.  Having already managed a large refurbishment of their property the client had a very clear vision for his garden.  In the front the 2 new access gates, with motorised system, allowed access into a central area where parking was available for all their family cars.  A large circular feature was introduced as a focal point to visitors and the clients.  This provided ample space for vehicles to drive in and out.  The front garden was mainly laid to lawn, with a few trees.  In the rear large paved areas were required to tie in the newly constructed barn conversion, again with focal points.


Design and Build

The construction of this garden was relatively simple. It was just a large project!  With all the work undertaken at the property prior to our arrival there was a lot to do in terms of preparation, particularly of the soft landscaped areas.  Ground compaction and poor quality soil was a problem that had to be overcome.  Setting out for the client was a key issue and regular client meetings were held to discuss how certain finishes were to be achieved.  Around the pool house a porcelain tile was used to match the internal porcelain tiles.  This had to be laid on a concrete base.  Various pathways led to locations within the garden area, taking you past the pool, to the sunken garden and along the rear of the house to the large patio and seating area.  All paving and gravel had a brick edging to tie it in with the property.  As the driveway was substantial a gravel stabilisation system was used to allow for free draining of surface water but also to provide longevity to the style of the driveway.




The materials used on this project were Victorian Brown, supplied by Silverland Stone.  The porcelain paving used was supplied by Domus.  Millboard decking was used for the wood pathways as these were located in shady areas and slipping and weathering was something the client wished to avoid.  The gravel was supplied by CED as well as the Cedec gravel stabilisation system.  Water features supplied by Tristan Cockerill.  The turf used was Rolawn Medallion, supplied by London Lawn Turf and irrigation supplied by LWS.  The garden lighting was installed by Mike Shackleton of Ornamental Garden Lighting.


Special requirements

Ground preparation was key to this job prior to any laying or planting work.  It was clear the ground was well compacted from all the heavy machinery, so rotivation and additional aggregate was brought in to help with the future drainage of the beds.  It was also very important to manage all the deliveries and work to allow for access to various parts of the garden.  The water feature was over 1 ton in weight and this had to be transported across rough terrain to the rear garden.